Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

This is a timeless classic self help book which has a lot of food for thought.   I have read this book a number of time over the years but keep coming back to it and re-reading it.  In fact Canadian personal development guru Bob Proctor talks of reading and re-reading this book over and over again for 50 years until the concepts were truly embedded in his mind.  Bob has widely acknowledged that his success came as a result of reading Think and Grow Rich.  The majority of readers do something different – we pick up the book as I have done, read it and say interesting and then promptly forget about it after a few days.  We do not implement what the book recommends.  We do not take on board the concepts, try them in the laboratory of life and make them a part of our lives.  From my own experience most of the books that I read do not actually lead to a change of behavior on my part.  Reading seems to be a mad rush to get a book finished so that I can read another book and another.  The emphasis is on speed.  I think its not about volume but about the quality of what we read and implement.  I think what Proctor is saying is interesting – to truly benefit from Think and Grow Rich he had to keep re-reading it to fully understand what it was saying.

While the book was first published in 1937 the ideas contained in the book do not go out of date.  The examples used and some of the language in the book is dated and politically incorrect today. However book contains key principles and sound advice which is timeless.

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