Blogging by Kaizen

One of the principles I intend to use in developing this blog is the Japanese principle of Kaizen.  Kaizen means small daily improvements.  I intend to add small daily improvements to this blog which over time will hopefully amount to substantial improvements/progress.  I intend to invest about 20-30 minutes of my time on a daily basis on the blog and see where this leads to.  A good time to review progress will be at the end of 2013.  I have read a number of good books on Kaizen and I will review them here soon.  In my experience the principle of Kaizen is very useful and also very powerful.  One very good book on the principle of Kaizen that I can recommend to get you started is called “The Slight Edge (Revised Edition): Turning Simple Disciplines Into Massive Success” by Jeff Olson.  When you click on the above link it will take you to the book on Amazon and you will see the book has received very positive feedback.




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