Lose Weight Quickly and Easily – Free Hypnosis Download


This audio download will give you a very good introduction to the power of weight loss hypnosis. The purpose of the audio is to help you relax and to demonstrate the power of your own mind in helping you to lose weight.   Trust the process and listen to the recording each day for 21 days – it works!

This free recording will also help prepare you for the full 6 session weight loss hypnosis programme offered by Life is a Laboratory.  These sessions offer powerful hypnotic suggestions to supercharge your weight loss.  Hypnosis sessions are offered in person for residents of Ireland or via Skype for Irish and international clients.  Please get in touch in complete confidence with Tom Carroll, Dip Hyp, PhD for further details:  tcarroll@lifeisalaboratory.com


Find somewhere comfortable where you will not be disturbed for about 30 minutes – in an armchair or lying down on your bed. Relax and listen to the recording. Let your mind drift – you don’t have to actively listen to what is being said. Its OK to fall asleep during the recording. Listen to the recording every day for 21 days. Its OK if you miss a day here or there. Some people notice changes straight away while for others it takes longer. Please know that this does work and you will lose weight if you keep listening.

Download Link:

Please right click the link below and select Save link as…. to download the MP3 file

Click here to download the free weight loss audio

Now just relax, listen and enjoy!!


This file contains a hypnosis session. NEVER listen to it while driving or operating machinery.  ONLY listen to it when you can sit or lay down comfortably and where you are not likely to be disturbed.

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I can help!

If you liked this hypnosis sessions please get in touch so that I can support you with your individual needs regarding weight loss.  For example you might need help eliminating particular foods from your diet or with motivation to exercise.  I can help and support you on your journey to a slimmer, fitter and happier version of yourself so please get in touch.

Many thanks.