Writing an E-Book

One of the projects I have on-going at the moment is writing an e-book.  This is a project I started in 2012 but have not made much progress on recently.  I have fed all my ideas into a Word file on my laptop.  The book is about my own personal experience of doing a PhD.  I have all the ideas down but it is an unstructured mess!  I was searching the internet for information on writing an e-book when I came across other information which led me to developing this blog.  Now I intend to blog about my experiences of writing and publishing an e-book!  Through this platform I will share what I learn on my e-book publishing journey and any good resources I come across on e-book writing and publishing.  I am also hoping that this blog will also be an incentive for me to get moving on my e-book publishing project.

How to Become a Published Author

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