Weight Loss by Self Hypnosis – Results

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I started this experiment to lose weight on April 1st.  Well I failed!

Weight at the start:  101.6kgs

Weight at end : 102.2 Kgs

I actually got a 1/2 Kg heavier!  Oops!  So what went wrong? Read on to find out more……

However – remember that there is no such thing as failure,  only feedback!  I learned a lot from this setback…..read on to find out more.

Week One – Starting April 1st.

On the scalesI had my first self – hypnosis session on April 2nd.  What struck me was how relaxing and refreshing the session was.  However one of the big challenges was to find 40 minutes of peace in the day without interruption to do the session.   You need somewhere where you will not be disturbed.  You need to be able to switch off and allow your mind to drift.

After the first session I starting to have thoughts like ‘Hunger is my friend’ pop into my head.  I was also back running although very slowly.  I was able to manage 6.5Km at a very slow jogging pace.

Easter celebrations came on Sunday 5th April and I had a few days of indulgence which did not help.

Overall however I only did 2 sessions of self-hypnosis throughout the whole month which is wholly inadequate!  I had planned to do 12-16 sessions for the month.  I found that it required conscious effort to make time for the sessions – there are so many other things to do.  When you have a spouse and children it is hard to find uninterrupted time.

On reflection this is why it is so much easier to see a professional hypnotherapist rather than self – hypnosis.  A professional will have a quiet and comfortable space where you can be guided into trance away from your busy life with all it’s distractions.

 Will Self – hypnosis work?

Yes!  However hypnosis in my experience does not work in a linear way.  For example after one of my sessions of weight loss self-hypnosis I went and pigged out on cake!  That is not supposed happen!  However I know enough to understand that this happens and if I stick with it there will come a point where everything will ‘click’.

The problem if you are new to hypnosis you may give up too soon and become discouraged.  That is why it may be better as a beginner to work with a professional hypnotherapist.  My advice is to stick with it and keep at it and the results will come.  Like everything in life we must keep at it to see the results.

 What I have learned from this failure?
  • Schedule a specific time and place to do self-hypnosis when the house is quiet and you can comfortably relax.  This requires thought as the opportunities for peace and quiet may be limited depending on your circumstances!
  • I needed to be more specific on my plans.  For example do a specific number of sessions (e.g. five sessions per week) and schedule these sessions in advance.
  • So I have experienced some failure.  However the hypnosis did not fail I failed to do the hypnosis!  The important thing now is to get back in track and do it during the month of May 2015.  Schedule the self-hypnosis sessions and do them.  No excuses!
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