Turn you life upside down in 2 months!

Make the most of the last 2 months of 2017. Start Today!

It’s the end of October 2017 as I write this. As of November 1st we will have exactly 61 days left in 2017 before we cross over to January 1st 2018. What happened to your 2017 new year resolutions?  What can you get done in the remaining days of 2017?  If things haven’t been going well up to now you still have time to turn things around and make big strides towards your goals before the end of 2017.  Perhaps the end of year deadline might spur you to action!  Resolve now to take massive action on your goals and start off the new year with a spring in your step knowing how much you have achieved in 2017.

As for myself I am working hard on my new Experiments in Personal Change Course and loving every minute of it!  The material in the course is really powerful and I am enjoying the exercises such as on visualisation, developing effective goals, positive attitude and work habits and on generally improving my life.  There are 27 action experiments to try out in your own life.  I aim to get the course completed and online before the end of the year.  The course is based on the Experiments in Personal Change book which contains all the  experiments.  You don’t have to wait for the course to get started – buy the book now and get clear about what you want from life and how to get it.

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