The Midas Power – Padraic O’ Maille (2013)

The Midas Power is a book published by Irish business development guru Padraic O Maille.  The book is written in the form of a story centered on a fictional character called Rory Murray.  Rory’s life is falling apart in post Celtic Tiger Ireland as he struggles up to his eyeballs in debt and he escapes to an Island off the west cost of Ireland to get away from it all.  By good fortune he meets a stranger who connects him with a very wise mentor who teaches him how to turn his life of failure into a life of success and prosperity.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the book – the story is good and there is an interesting twist at the end!  The story is also rooted in the West of Ireland with local places, characters and sayings plus the reader can pick up a few words of the beautiful Irish language as well.

To find out more about this book or SMACHT (an Irish word which means discipline) please visit  SMACHT is a business therapy programme  for people who want to improve the results their achieve, both in their professional and personal lives.

You can buy a copy of the book from Amazon by clicking on the link below:


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