Rejection Proof by Jia Jiang

Rejection Proof – How I Beat Fear and Became Invincible by Jia Jiang, published by Random House Books.

What a wonderful book!  Well worth the read – both informative and entertaining.  It is human nature to find rejection difficult (after reading the book I understand that fear of rejection is hardwired into our biology). As with many other people, I find rejection difficult and as a result probably take much fewer risks than I should.

This book tells the story of an entrepreneur in the USA, Jia Jiang,  who is originally from China, and how he takes on a challenge of seeking daily rejection over 100 days.  He does this to try and tackle his own fear of rejection after he was rejected by a potential investor in his business.  In the book Jia shares how own story of how he came to live in America and how he became an entrepreneur.  Jia’s courage in leaving a comfortable well paid job to become an entrepreneur is very inspiring.  On only day three of Jia’s 100 day rejection challenge his video of a rejection attempt (at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts) went viral online and Jia was catapulted to instant fame.  The video below received 5 million views in a span of two weeks!

Jia’s life changed drastically from then on – he then became a rejection expert!  The book details Jia’s rejection attempts and what he learned from them and is both funny and astute.  I now realise that paradoxically I must embrace rejection much more in my life if I am to be more successful.  Overall I highly recommend this entertaining and insightful book.

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If you would like to watch Jia talk of his adventure with rejection please see the video below:


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