Hypnotherapy & Recommended Products

Thomas Carroll, PhD.

I am a highly qualified professional and published author on personal development.  I am  approachable,  empatheticcaring, and compassionate and what matters to me most is supporting you to achieve the changes you want in your life.

NGH Certified Consulting HypnotistI hold an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy from Irish Hypnosis, one of the largest providers of hypnotherapy services in Ireland.

I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) in the USA. The NGH is the largest and oldest hypnotherapy membership organisation in the world.


Member of Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Graduates Association

I am also a member of the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Graduates Association in Ireland which is dedicated to continuing professional development for all its members.

Hypnotherapy is used to treat a wide range of issues from weight loss and quitting smoking to fears and phobias.  If you would like to discuss an issue with me in strict confidence please book a time slot below (see under ‘Booking a Free Consultation’) to discuss how I can assist you.  The first consultation is free.

 Book a Free Hypnotherapy Consultation

Please select a time slot below to set up your initial 30 minute free consultation on Skype or phone (worth €50).  We will discuss how hypnotherapy can help you and I will answer any questions or address any concerns you have before embarking on further sessions if you decide to proceed. Equally important is that you feel that I am the right person to support you achieve the changes you want.

Charges for full sessions:

Weight Loss Therapy:  €150 for the first session and €75 thereafter for a total of 6 sessions. A back-up CD is also provided.

SMOKING CESSATION THERAPY is €250  (120 -150 min session).  Free top-up session if required within the first month.

Other hypnotherapy sessions such as fears, phobias and anxiety are generally charged at €100/hour.

 “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Henry Ford

Recommended Products

On this site I recommend both my own and third party products and services which I believe are of the highest standards and will support your personal growth and development.  I have personally tested the third party products and services I recommend.

1. Monkey on My Back (published October 2014)

Monkey on My Back is about my own experience of pursuing a PhD.  There are good lessons in the book on what to do to achieve any tough goal.  It was tough – it took me six years!  My book is available on Amazon.com.  Please see the link below:

Read more about the book here: http://lifeisalaboratory.com/monkey

2. Experiments in Personal Change (published October 2015)

This book is about taking six key personal growth areas and experimenting with them in your life. The experiments are written in such a way as to make them actionable so that you can put them to the test and observe the results yourself. The information contained in the book is designed to be short and easily digestible. If you read this book and take action by trying out the experiments in your own life and reflect on the results, then you will gain knowledge that can change your life for the better.  Please see the link below:

3. GoalEnforcer

Here is a wonderful planning tool that I have used for many years.  GoalEnforcer is a very intuitive way to plan projects.  It is fast and easy to use.  I use the software to plan all my projects and update these plans on a weekly basis.  I love the ease of use of the software.  The fact that I have stuck with this software for many years shows how good it is.  I highly recommend you use it to plan your goals and projects.

GoalEnforcer Visual Goal Setting Software

4.  The Journal by DavidRM Software

I have used this journal software for the past number of years and love it.  I write in my journal twice daily to reflect, to plan and to record what is going on in my life.   The software allows me to time travel to the past (to see what I was doing, feeling etc) and travel to the future (to leave notes for my future self).  The software is ideal for Journal Therapy which is the act of writing down thoughts and feelings to sort through problems and come to deeper understandings of oneself or the issues in one’s life.

To find out more about/order The Journal software please use the links below:

Order Link
Demo Download Link
Product Information Link

5. Hypnosis Downloads

I am a strong believer in changing any negative and destructive sub-conscious thoughts which drive our habitual behaviours.   One way to do this is through self-hypnosis.   The following course from Uncommon Knowledge is designed to programme your mind for success.  I recommend products from Uncommon Knowledge as they are well put together and high quality.

New from February 2016 from Hypnosis Downloads:

Reading Out Loud
Stop Negative Globalizing
Confident Host

6.  Products by Brian Tracy

Lifelong Learning Sale – Save 25% OFF on All of the Lifelong Learning Training, Accelerated Learning Techniques, Science of Self Confidence, Positive Focus materials and much more from BrianTracy.com. No coupon necessary. This sale is valid from August 12th to 22nd.

When it comes to the personal development/business field I also recommend products by Brian Tracy.  He is without doubt one of the gurus of personal development today.

“Personal Success Made Simple”!

  • How to Make My Life a Masterpiece
  • The Seven Laws of Mental Mastery
  • To Develop Unshakeable Self-Confidence
  • The Power of My Subconscious Mind
  • To Set and Achieve All My Goals
  • To Unlock My Superconscious Mind
  • To Become a Purely Positive Person
  • To Become My Own Psychologist
  • To Develop a Winning Personality
  • How to Be Happy Together
  • How to Raise Happy, Healthy, Self-Confident Children
  • The Secret of the Ages?”

You get 50% off the above course when you order through the link below:

Personal Success Made Simple Training Kit 50% Off