My First Blog Post – Life is a Lab….

As it so happens I have started this blog on my birthday June 16th 2013 – I am 46 years old today.  It also happens to be Fathers Day of which I am a proud father of three sons.   I woke up this morning with no particular idea of what to do today but somehow I have ended up starting this blog (perhaps this idea was brewing at some sub-conscious level all along).  Now that I think of it I was in fact looking for information on how to write an e-book and came across a very good blog by Amy Lynn Andrews I ended up clicking on a link on how to start a blog and here I am.  I suppose therefore the blog itself is also an experiment and I will be sharing my own reflections and learning on blogging as I go along.

Tom Carroll, June 16th 2013.

Update – September 27th 2014 – the book mentioned above is now written – see:

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