Difference Between an Overweight & Thin Person?

Answer:  The Mind and Time!

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exerciseIt’s interesting when we look at the difference between a slim person who loves exercise and eats well and a person who is very overweight and hates exercise.  The difference is their minds and time!  Imagine if the overweight person had their thoughts changed so that they ate well and loved to exercise.  In a years’ time they would have lost all that weight.

BurgersAnd imagine if a slim person had their thoughts changed so that they ate too much, ate the wrong types of food and stopped exercising.  In one year that person would be very overweight.  The difference between someone who is overweight and the correct weight is simply their mind and time.


Overweight and Obesity are Huge Problems

Overweight and obesity
Overweight and obesity

The statistics are staggering.  A European health interview survey showed that for the 19 EU Member States for which data are available, the proportion of adults (aged 18 years and over) who were considered to be overweight or obese varied in 2008 between 37.0 % and 56.7 % for women and between 51.0 % and 69.3 % for men.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA the percent of adults aged 20 years and over who are overweight, including obesity is 69.0% (2011-2012).

These are truly shocking statistics.

Link between Overweight and Cancer

I was listening to the radio news this morning, here in Ireland and an oncologist was talking about cancer and the links between cancer and overweight and obesity.  This just goes to show how important having the right mindset is.  People who are overweight or obese also have a higher risk of many other serious health conditions, including type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

obesity related

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