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Mind Mapping

At the moment I am Mind Mapping my e-book.  I find the process very useful.  For the first time I am starting to have clarity about the structure of my e-book.  Mind mapping is an excellent way of structuring your thoughts.  A really useful software programme which I recommend you use is XMind.  You can download and start using the free version of XMind straight away and upgrade to the paid version later if you want.  The paid version has extra functionality however I am happily using the free version.  Please click on the following link to take you to the XMind site:

Writing an E-Book

One of the projects I have on-going at the moment is writing an e-book.  This is a project I started in 2012 but have not made much progress on recently.  I have fed all my ideas into a Word file on my laptop.  The book is about my own personal experience of doing a PhD.  I have all the ideas down but it is an unstructured mess!  I was searching the internet for information on writing an e-book when I came across other information which led me to developing this blog.  Now I intend to blog about my experiences of writing and publishing an e-book!  Through this platform I will share what I learn on my e-book publishing journey and any good resources I come across on e-book writing and publishing.  I am also hoping that this blog will also be an incentive for me to get moving on my e-book publishing project.

How to Become a Published Author