Monthly Archives: February 2015

Experiment One – February 2015

For my first experiment I am making a list of 28 personal growth ‘risks’ or things I know I should do to enhance my life but I feel uncomfortable doing.  I am committing to myself to take one of these risks each day for the 28 days of February 2015.

What is included on my list of ‘risks’?

Included on my list of risks are things I have been putting off doing in some cases for quite a while.  There are people I need to contact and have been postponing getting in touch. There are important conversations I need to have and have been putting off.   Each of these small risks will push me beyond my comfort zone.  I have for sometime attempted to take a ‘Risk a Day’ – many times I procrastinate doing this.  What is different this time is that I have made a list of the 28 risks before hand.  At the end of the month I should have taken all the small risks on that list.  I will then reflect on this experiment at the end of the month and see how it has worked and what I have learned.

I invite you to make a ‘Risk List’ yourself and take 28 personal growth risks this month as well.  Personal development is all about action.  Good Luck!